MeisterTask 4 Teams that gets the job done

MeisterTask: The simplest way to get things done with teams of any size!

Whether you’re managing your next big project or digitalizing task management for your team’s daily business, you need to know who’s doing what, when. MeisterTask helps you manage tasks in a beautiful, customizable environment that perfectly adapts to your needs.

MeisterTask Board

There are plenty of task management apps out there. So what makes MeisterTask the best choice for your team? Here are four reasons:

A Solid Foundation

MeisterTask is built on the same robust infrastructure as MeisterLabs, the company behind the popular mind mapping tool MeisterMind. This means that MeisterTask can handle large teams and projects with ease.

An Intuitive Design

MeisterTask’s interface is designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. All of the features you need are just a click away, and new users will be able to get start